As a young woman, I started my corporate career with State Farm Insurance Companies as an administrative assistant. Just months with the company, I recognized a need within my immediate community.  I decided to pursue the necessary certifications and Producer Licenses to sell insurance and become a Financial Advisor. In less than two years I was managing multiple agency portfolios, grossing them to over 3.8 million from a stagnant six figure consistency.  A fondness for helping small businesses/franchise owner’s growth had developed inside me.  Progression has been my work now for over sixteen years. 

I learned at age sixteen in a contract law class, how to do business taxes on paper the long way. I started doing taxes for my step-father and his friends pretty young. He would struggle finding someone competent that wouldn’t be discriminatory towards him.  In 2005 started my Tax Firm, to fill the need for affordable tax companies with knowledgeable professionals with customer service people would spread the word about in a good way.  My business although in the capacity of the financial field, was different from my contractual circadian. Omnipresence created range for research. For 6 years, I simultaneously fulfilled my contracts, developed my own business and hired from within the St Louis City community.  I’d seen firsthand the transformative power of business and other companies, grown concerned with the fragmentation and lack of standards governing the small business in our inner city Saint Louis, Missouri.  I felt compelled to contribute at a higher level of professionalism, also encourage the significance of training, employing and patronizing within the community.  Before moving on to concentrate solely on my business at The Firm, I attained multiple Ambassador Star and Hall of Fame awards with State Farm and Allstate Insurance Companies for my performance and service between years 2002-2015.   I enjoy empowering, educating and fitting consumers, even if it isn’t with me. The Firm’s consolidation into our newer community based model in 2017 is one of my proudest moments. Using my teams and mine knowledges in areas of Insurance/Financial Specialist, Enrolled Agent, and Non-Profit roles under a one roof for the community, is my “wow”.

It is important to produce a genuine Legacy that is respected and well known by my family, community and state. Before resumes and rapport, I was a troubled teen, a mother by age fifteen and even struggled with homelessness in my youth. Today, I share my life with my husband, 78th District State Representative Bruce Franks Jr. Together we have a blended family consisting of three boys and four girls. In my personal time, in years 2010 and 2012, I published two books, “Emotional Tattoos of the Heart” and “Ugly Me”.  Opening up about my personal story in my books catapulted me into public speaking and on committees for small group forums such as “Warring for Poetry”,

“Poetry for Personal Power” & “Women for Peace”.  I was an annual invited speaker for Vivavox in Washington D.C. (Where I would conduct forums, writing labs and motivational concepts, for underprivileged students in disenfranchised communities.) I’ve been the Keynote speaker for Harris-Stowe State University, Forest Park Community College, Lewis and Clark Community College and advocate for Battered Women of St Louis for the past 9 years to present.   

My hope is that my diligence and tenacity will make a comprehensive positive impact.”

Sharonda Bryant –

President, Social Worker


Kimberly Kelly – Treasurer, Psychologist, Family Specialist  


Charles Smith – Realtor/Insurance Agent – Board Member


Sonya Wells – Teachers College Student Mentor, Grant Writer – Board Member


Ervin Williams III – Educator, Theater Owner – Board Member


Ashley Yarbrough

Educator - Board Member


Demetrices Carter – Respiratory Therapist – Board Member


Kristina Weekly
Educator - Board Member


Salena Burch – Executive Secretary


Bruce Franks – Executive Director for 28toLife, 78th Dist State Rep




Dana Kelly-Franks – Executive Director, Business Owner


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